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Lawmakers expecting an influx of oil money say they'd like to save some ... PSYCH!!!

  Okay, so the headline is pretty much real--we stole that shit straight off Anchorage Daily News--but  who the hell actually believes a headline like that? Let’s report what lawmakers actually [probably] said  in the face of oil revenue windfalls.   Rep. David Eastman, a Wasilla Republican and life member the Oath Keepers–which has been  described by some as a domestic terrorist hate group–suggested that at least some of the excess  money could be used to support his fellow members in Alaska. Many Oath Keepers face skyrocketing  legal bills after their indictments for participating in the Jan 6th insurrection and attack on the US  capitol.   Sen. Scott Kawasaki, a Fairbanks Democrat, strongly opposed this notion, suggesting instead that the  money go to support legal costs not related to sedition or treason.     "Like, no way dude, that money needs to go to social programs, and to pay MY legal bills after that  snafu last summer down on the Kenai," said Kawasaki referencing